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5 Easy Ways to Slay Fur This Winter

Yes, it is the winter season finally. Jack Frost is in town and he is here to stay. However, just because you have to bundle up doesn't mean that you can't express you inner style. One way to send your winter look to the next level is adding fur. Utilizing fur can add elegance or flare to your ensemble.

Throw-on Fur

Wearing a throw-on fur collar, shawl, or vest can be a great way be versatile with how you wear this fur. It can easily be draped across both shoulders on your collar. But, you can also lay it on one side of your outfit to accentuate your good side.


Having a fur accessory like a handbag or clutch to achieve a playful look.

Fur with a Splash of Color

If you're looking to for a coat or fur jacket that will stand out then the medium pile faux fur is for you. It's in the middle so its not to extravagant, but gives a luxurious look. There are a variety of trendy colors for the season you can dive into a olive green, blush pink, and wine, just to name a few.

Fur with an Accentuated Waist

The short pile faux fur, can be for someone who wants wear the most subtle of furs because the hairs on the jacket or coat will be shorter than the other styles. Sometimes fur can be a little much and may hide your curvy shape. If you find yourself feeling that way, add a white, black, or bronze belt to highlight your shape.

Shaggy Fur That Adds Drama

Shaggy furs are perfect for a look with levels and drama. The shaggy fur texture also photographs really well, when showing motion and dimensions. If you love Instagram, This fur is "boomerang ready".

Faux Fur can be a creative way to enhance your outfit. If you liked these tips on how to style your outfits using fur this winter and would to share please tag #StylesByMiFur . Follow me on social media @mionsade and @stylesbymion .

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