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Summer 2018: Cruise and Vacation Must-Haves

The summer is here, and I know you all are ready for good vibes, tan lines, frozen drinks, rooftop parties and ultimately living your best life. A crucial component of summer time has to be vacation time. Last week, I had the chance to go on a Carnival cruise to celebrate my recent graduation from Hampton University. This trip was well deserved because at school I was working non stop to graduate. The cruise was relaxing, rejuvenating, and really so much fun. I want to share with my readers the must- haves when it comes to cruising.

Go with the Flow in your Flowy –Dresses

If you are vacationing to somewhere tropical, you want to feel comfortable and not wearing something to tight but stylish. Wearing a flowy dress or maxi dress you can bold with the colors, prints and silhouettes.

The Versatility in Straw Hats

I love straw hats they come in all different colors. Straw hats can be versatile if you style it the right way. You can keep It plain you can go with the original straw color. If you want to step outside of your comfort zone you can get a black one. Either way the straw hat will block you from the rays of the sun and give you that fun vacation look. Another trick my mom taught me is to tie different scarfs around the top of the hat to enhance the look. Most of my straw hats I have gotten from the thrift store.

The Fanny Pack is Back

The fanny pack is perfect if you are about to go on an excursion. If you’re like me and don’t feel like carrying all of the items you normally carry in your purse, try using a fanny pack to go with your more casual outfits. A lot of different brands have not started to come around to this trend from high end brands like Gucci, Prada, and Fendi. But, also more affordable brands like Forever 21, BooHoo, Champion and Fashion Nova have also added more fanny. Try this trend when you’re feeling nostalgic.


Mules are always a perfect option if you want to look chic but not do a full-on pump or heel. Mules also come in a lot of different shades in patterns. I love pairing mules in the summer with linen pants, cotton pants, and daisy duke shorts. My mules I found a pair at the thrift store, and I even recently saw some on sale at Macy’s but they are also located at other affordable clothing brands.

Get the Strap

I love a good pair of chunky strapped or lace up shoes for vacation. In the times where you are walking around exploring the ship or exploring a new island. These shoes can give you the allusion of wearing heels, but give you all the comfort ability enough to walk around.

Ruffled Skirts and Dresses

Anything with ruffles will instantly you make you feel girly. This option is for one those nights on the boat where it can be used as an elegant option. You can also pair it with a graphic tee to add some edge to it.

Time to Get Shade-y

I had 3 pairs of sunglasses and they all went with a different mood.

  1. Classic Dark Black Round shades= Sun-blocker yet stylish

  2. Cat Eye shades= Adds a vintage flare to your look

  3. Octagon multicolored shades= cute and flirty

With these tips your vacation can be made a little bit easier. If you still want assistance piecing together your perfect look you can head over to my styling services, so we can have you looking your best on your next slaycation. For more tips follow me on Instagram @mionsade and my styling page @stylesbymion.

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