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Applied to 99 Jobs and Still Don't Have 1 (Tips for Coping with A Grueling Job Search)

Well, the "not-having-a-job part" isn't all of the way true. I currently work part-time at The Current Newspaper and freelance for the DCist.

However, one of my main obstacles has been finding and securing a full-time job even with months of applying to several jobs in journalism since my graduation in May.

Did you feel like post graduation you were supposed to be showered with offers from your dream jobs? If yes, I felt like that once upon a time as well. For some graduates that doesn't happen. Maybe for the better. For other students who don't find employment right after school you have to grind and apply to multiple internships, fellowships, or positions to get to the place you aspire to be.

I decided I couldn't be the only one feeling anxious and sometimes overwhelmed, so here are my tips for staying sane and confident about yourself during the job hunting portion of your life. Here are some tips for anyone still on the hunt during the grueling job search.

Don't Let the Internet Rush You

We often scroll our timelines comparing and contrasting to our peers. Comparison can often be the downfall of many millennials. Since we're heavily on social media viewing other's people's life its natural to compare. However, according to recent studies it has found that social media is increasingly making younger people more depressed. Therefore, don't compare yourself to other people who have positions or the job you may have wanted. Instead, congratulate them and ask them the steps they took to secure such a position.

Define What Success Means for You

Since I’m a person who is overall indecisive on pinpointing exactly what I would like to do for my career field it’s been difficult settling on just one version of success, which to the masses seems to be a full-time six-figure job. Define what success means to you and write it down, and work towards those goals little by little. Being able to track your progress will allow you to stay in your own lane and not try to live out anyones

Don't Let Rejection Determine Your Self-Worth

My advice to anyone either in between jobs or looking for that job. Is build the experience you want to have for yourself. Only apply to things that will give you the experience you desire. I know you’re trying to get your foot in the door but if you can don’t settle

I hope these tips were helpful. If they were be sure to let me know on social media @mionsade on all platforms.

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