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Does Time Truly Heal All ?

Today is the day to answer an age old question. The phrase "time heals all things" that has been used anytime something bad or unfortunate happens to someone. Whether it is death or a heartache in due time you will be healed. You can say this phrase and it will offer the person you are saying it to comfort in knowing the current status they are living in will get better. The statement by itself "time heals all" is a true statement. But time, is not the only thing that heals you, it just gives you the space in opportunity to do so. The true healer is yourself .

Many people, ask other people every day , "How can I get over this ?" , "How can I get through this?" , but they never turn around and look in the mirror. I try my best to work hard and stay positive every day , but you have to choose to do this. The quickest way to make things better is to do some self -evaluation. which for all humans is hard to do because we do not want acknowledge all our flaws. But , when you realize working on yourself is a tough but a beautiful thing. This will help you you love yourself and your life. If you are going through something and are trying to get through it do not think your the only one going through something , you are never alone.

Enjoy the season that you are in. God is always with you. Time heals you , only if you make time for your own healing. Did you catch that ? Basically if you don't take care of yourself today you'll never get through what you are going through. Remember you are not alone , we all go through things . Have a good day.

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