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January Style Challenge Recap

Hey guys ! As many of you know for the month of January I created a 31 day style challenge. During this challenge I gave style tips on how to enhance your daily looks, inspire you to be bold when creating outfits and finally have fun. When it comes to fashion don't take yourself too seriously. i hope you enjoy Let me know what looks are your favorite.

1.Earmuffs are a Must

Baby it's cold outside. This year has been a blessing to say the least. For Day 1 of the style challnege make sure you guys bundle up it is freezing outside, add some cute earmuffs to your winter look.

2. Tooted and Booted It

Day 2 of the 31 Day Style Challenge. Do you want to enhance your closet? If you haven't already grab you a pair of over the knee boots for winter make sure you do. They'll keep you warm and enhance any outfit. There also are so many color choices to go with whatever mood you are feeling. These @urbanogcom burgundy boots are super comfortable and were affordable!

3. Glow All Summer Shine All Winter

Day 3 of my 31 Day style challenge! It's turtle neck season instead of wearing the plain black turtle neck wear one with a pop of color! I chose to wear my orange turtle neck from @hm. My festive mom jeans I got from the thrift store ! Also these black open toed booties I got on sale from @charlotterusse !

4. Utilize Color Block

I took it way back. This 60's mod style dress was a great thrift find ! I love the color blocking, it looks like a piece of walking art! I challenge you, if don't already find yourself a dress with color blocking.

5. Fireside Chats and Denim to Match

Denim skirts in the winter ! Try it out, it's totally fine to pair your jean skirt with a cute pair of either black tights, or whichever color you prefer and your fave boots.

6. Embrace the Bold

This look is all about standing out in a crowd. A lot of people I find shy away from the color yellow, I say embrace it

7. Get The Fur-fect look

Step outside your comfort zone by bringing out a fur with some color! This is definitely a statement piece that will make anyone the center of attention.

8. Metallic for the Win

Would you believe me if I tell you I got this skirt for $1 at @charouletterouse. I got the army jacket from the thrift store and the turtle neck from @jcrew. Make sure you get a metallic skirt they are in trend and come in a wide assortment of colors.

9. About My Business

Business casual look. I got this polka dot shirt and tan khakis from @charlotterusse and paired them with nude heels @dswshoelovers

10. About My Business Part 2

Oddly I know shoppers wouldn't think to shop @boohoo for a professional dress for work or an interview . However, they had a great selection of business casual / business professional dresses. I especially love this one because of the tan, white, and black color blocking. Fashion work tip. You can still wear dresses even if it's cold you can always pair your dress with a warm pair of tights and boots or booties !

11. College Diet

When in doubt of what to wear where a graphic tee. I got this college diet shirt from @pacsun . I got the leather pants, and red beret from the thrift store. .

12. Add a Jacket, Cardigan, or Overcoat

Yes this is the outfit from yesterday however I added my favorite tan duster. Style Lesson #1 always use what you have to add flavor to your look. You don't always have to purchase something new.

13. Fringe it Up !

Can you tell I love fringe and adding a pop of color? Fringe jacket can be a good way to take a trip back to the 70s.

14. Recreating Magic

This isn't about me, but of someone I have styled! Today's challenge is to look for inspiration and make it your own. So blessed to be able style Tori and make her dream come true! Her tribute to David Bowie for his birthday! Her boyfriend and her recreate some of Iman and David Bowie's iconic photos.

15. Suit Up!

Today's challenge is find a boot that pops and these @gojane purple knee high boots do just that! I got the suit and pin from my fave place the thrift store ! #morebangformybuck .

16. Step into Your Style With Color

Wear a loud vintage top, and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

17. Lace it Up

Anytime you want to make a look sexier, lace is always a great option!

18. Snow Days In

My favorite thing about snow days are that I can throw on a big sweater and call it a day.

19. Add a Print to Your Look

One of my favorite looks is this velvet shirt with a cheetah collar. It was one of my thrift store finds.

20. Simple Black Dress

My challenge today was to find a floor length ball gown for a reduced price Originally this black off the shoulder velvet dress was $10 but at the thrift store I go to clothing is half off on Fridays so I got it for $5 . It was a steal so glad I got it .

21. A Girl That Can Do Both

Get you a girl that can do both. I have never picked up a basketball in my life. But, my favorite movie as a child was Spacejam. I wanted to do an outfit inspired by it. I also wanted to give you a style challenge that wasn't glam but chill and comfortable. Throw on your fave jersey and a pair of black or green pants or jeans and pair them with your fave sneakers .

22. Velvet Vibes

Today's challenge is to make a plaid pair of pants go from business to casual. Here I added a red velvet crop top to dress down the look.

23. Clueless Vibes

At this point my style challenge is turning into a daily dose of 90s fashion. I'm in love with everything furry. This challenge was about mixing up patterns and textures and seeing if it work together. Originally I thought the look clashed. However when I added the gold belt as an accessory, it gave it a new feel!

24. Denim on Denim

Pairing denim on denim is always fun! My challenge to you is to create a denim in look that will have heads turning!

25. Finding the Right Match

Who says you can't match your shirt with your skirt! I say in fashion matching colors and patterns is just as stylish as pairing different patterns and textures to achieve a look.

26. Business Does Not Have to be Boring

Make sure you switch up your business casual style with a skirt with colorful lines and patterns & pair it with a neutral top (white,grey,tan).

27. Sweater Weather

This challenge was focused on sweaters ! I love sweaters especially wants with embroidered designs on it. Sweaters are amazing because you can always either dress it up with a cute pair of pants and heels or boots. You can dress it down as well by a pair of jeans and leather jackets. The possibilities are endless.

28. Jumpsuit Styling

Jumpsuits are perfect for women on the go because you can throw it on and pair it with a duster or your fave jacket. You can dress it up or down by putting on booties or sneakers

29.Bootie Gang

Booties are essential to your wardrobe, they can easily elevate your look or give it some edge.

30. Bold Sleeves

I love the sleeves on this shirt. Do you have a shirt like this in your closet and are want to make it a fall look? Try adding a jumpsuit over top of it to get it dimensions and layers to your winter wardrobe. You can even add a cute fur stone or beret !

31. Motor Sport

Race car hear and apparel is becoming a hug trend this season. This challenge was to pair a colored leather jacket to your fave pair of race car inspired pants. I am beyond proud of myself and can't wait to have another one. Definitely during the summer though . Tell me what your fave day was!

That's all folks be sure to follow me on social media @mionsade

If you are in need of styling services visit my services tab.

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