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Best Last-Minute Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Under $25

It's the holiday season and that means decorative wrapping papers, Christmas trimmings, and sales from every brick and mortar and online store are in full throttle. If you are still piecing together your gifts for your loved ones or family members, you're in the right place. Here's a list of gift ideas that are thoughtful and can be easily made for under $25. Remember gift giving is more about the person your giving to. All you have to do is expound on it.

Gift Idea #1: The 5 Senses

This gift you can truly show the person how much you know them, by using the 5 senses as a guide to giving their gift (see, smell, hear, touch, and taste). For example, "see" can be purchasing tickets to see a movie or some stylish sunglasses.

For "taste" buying a gift card to a restaurant or buying their favorite candy, or snack.

For "hear" you can buy someone a new vinyl, headphones, or free concert tickets.

For "smell" would be a great time to buy their favorite fragrance or candle.

For "touch" you can get a warm sweater, cozy socks, a throw-on fur, or a new office chair.

Gift Idea #2: Basket Signifying an Important Event or Accomplishment

One of my close cousins recently graduated from Frostburg State University. I made her a "teacher starter Pack" based on the viral meme displaying "starter packs". This idea can go for a lot of different people. For someone traveling you can get them a "tourist starter pack", "new homeowner starter pack", "relaxation starter pack". You are able to fill the basket with different items that relate to the starter pack.

Gift Idea #3: "Pimp My Christmas Gift "

Taking a few pointers from the hit MTV show "Pimp My Ride" I wanted to create a gift using this theme. For example, I noticed my mother loved putting pictures around her cubicle. I wanted to help her decorate her office cubicle even more by creating a "Pimp My Desk" basket. The basket included foliage, picture frame, a set of gold and mauve pink office supplies.

Gift Idea #4: Inspirational Gift

Now, this was the same gift in the "Pimp my ___ " basket but I also noticed my mom going to a lot of first time home buyers meetings. Some gifts don't always have to be what someone needs right now, but inspiring them for the future. This is what led to the "Pimp my Future Home" basket.

Gift Idea #5: Trip Down Memory Lane

Now if you have a printer or old photos of you and your friend and a photo frame you can make this next gift. I taped and glued old photos and memories to a piece of construction paper. I also made sure to mimic a scrapbook style adding stickers and quotes. This will be a great way to capture your friendship or memories with that person.

I hope these ideas we're helpful ! If you do decide t create one of these gifts please tag #stylesbymion and #stylesbymiongiftguide. Please share with others who may need help gathering a last minute gift for someone.

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