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How To Welcome Change in Your Life

I’ll be the first to admit, change scares me. I love being comfortable. It’s a lot of security in comfort. Comfort often brings me a since of peace. For instance, I have been in college for 3 ½ years now. The academic and event schedule rarely changes you know what’s going to happen every month October is homecoming, November is Thanksgiving break, December is winter break and so on and so forth.

However, our ability to adapt to change will be the difference between you being someone who acquires success and you being someone who will watch others acquire success. Navigating how to deal with change can be a daunting task but here are some ways I have seen change positively enhance my life for the better.

Be Accepting of Change

Accepting is key to being able to deal with change. Accept the transformation you’re about to go through it may change your life for the better. For example, I applied for an internship with a news outlet I really wanted to work for after graduation. However, I didn’t receive the internship like I had hope, I gave my all in the application and interview. But, in life you must remember the things that are for you will be for you. In other words, when facing defeat turn it around to a lesson for your next win.

Be Aware of the Effects of Change

Knowing how your actions and the energy you put in the world is crucial to what opportunities come your way. Have you ever said something bad about someone and then tripped or spilled something on yourself? That always happens to me, and its just a reminder I’m not that type of person. Go into this month knowing who you are. Be mindful that if you engage in negative self talk or negative talk about others, your life will end up consumed with more negative than positive.

Be Open to New Plans

I often here the saying, “If you want to hear God laugh tell him what you’ve got plan”.

In your journey to being open to change, there will be a lot of deviation of plans, reworking plans, and completely leaving some plans behind. Although, some plans will fall through and not go as planned. Have discernment to know what was best for you in every option. Look at the bright side of certain situations

Be Unconventional

Millennials always seem to have a drawn out plan of their life. We plan where we will live, what career we will have, who will be talking too. etc. Have you given it some thought as to why you want certain things?

It could be a mixture of social media, pop, culture, and family traditions that help us define what success equates too. Yet, we may never live up to what our professor, mentor, or parents want us to be.

This where defining what “success” is to you. Once, you have defined your outline of success. You should align it with your purpose. Once you have found your purpose in life use your passion to drive you forward.

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