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Secrets to Self Love

For two weeks in the month of July I took on a challenge where I delve into the reasons why I love myself. This may sound narcissistic in nature, but I guarantee you that this self love challenge was the best thing for me and can change the way you view yourself.

Do you ever feel bombarded by all the messages of self love and self esteem? That’s all I seem to see when I log on to any of my social media accounts, ”How to be a Better You”. Now, this isn’t a bad thing but with in these articles few I notice give me realistic tips to fulfill my need of growing to love myself more.

So, I decided to start my own challenge. I called it the #LeanOnMiChallenge and I would everyday for two weeks make a video about why I love myself.

The difficulty with this challenge was that I could not say superficial or easy things.

For example “I love my hair, my lips, my fashion sense”. I also avoided talking about how I love my chocolate skin or gloating about how much of a snack I am. I veered away from any food related complimented I could give myself.

Instead my goal was to analyze what personality traits I liked about myself. This allowed me to dig deep and hard why I loved myself. Sounds easy right? Well it was until about Day 5 when I had my Snapchat ready to record Day 5 and I drew a complete blank.

I drew a blank because I had already named my top 4 personality traits that you generally have when someone like a potential employer asks “Tell me about yourself”.

Up until Day 5 the traits I had were strong willed, caring, determined, and motivated. It wasn’t until Day 5 where I noticed the personality traits I chose had to do with other people. Those traits were learning to listen (still working on), family oriented, open minded, affectionate, empathetic, helpful, imaginative, great friend.

What did I realize?

A lot of the reason why I love myself so much is because of the way I love other people. I love myself, because of how I deliberate I am to have genuine and caring relationships with other people

I’m a social butterfly, so this makes since. Everything personality trait has in some way helped me get close to someone and impact their lives.

Analyzing just the personality traits forced me to in some ways meditate on what I truly though of myself. For someone who is always on the go meditation is something great to do.

The road to self love is a slow journey, but is rewarding if you put in the time to affirm how you feel about yourself.

When you get to a place where you are comfortable with the person you see in the mirror.

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