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Lean On Mi Feature of the Week: Brooklyne Baker

I am happy to bring you another installment of my "Lean on Mi Feature of the Week."

This feature is a initiative to allow women and girls a place to feel secure about themselves by enhancing their self esteem, and a safe hub to empower one another.

Through Lean on Mi I'm able to feature women like this week's feature Brooklyne Baker, who is an influential woman in the community you can "lean on".

So, Lean on Mi to know a better you.

Brooklyne is a vivacious sweet, God fearing individual who serves her community with a impactful blog for all the good girls in the world. Brooklyne is a rising senior at Hampton University and the founder of "The Good Girl Movement".

How did you cultivate the idea to start The Good Girl Movement? What is a "good girl" to you ?

What inspired me to start the Good Girl Movement is honestly scrolling down my timeline seeing IG models and observing reality tv and seeing people call these women their idols or role models.

Which is perfectly fine, don’t get me wrong I adore my IG baddies and Cardi B’s, but are they investing in our communities, and inspiring our little girls to be the best they can be by genuinely loving their true authentic selves without any alterations? I just felt the representation of “Good Girls” were lacking.

Brooklyne wants to make one thing clear,

"We aren’t a tracking system, and certainly do not want to embrace and perpetuate the notion that women are either queens or h*es. Rather my movement works to acknowledge real women, who are human and make mistakes. We all have good and bad in us, but we are just striving to be the best we can be."

What has been a pivotal moment or event, as a blogger?

A pivotal event for me as a blogger was really developing the confidence to be able to speak to all different black girls of all different backgrounds. I used to really battle with the insecurity of sounding stupid to older readers. My older sister, Bri, told all her friends and line sisters to check out my blog and I was so scared.

What’s crazy is those same girls I was “scared” of are my #1 supporters this day a year later. We as bloggers, scratch that, actually black women as a whole need to trust ourselves.

When life as a business woman takes a toll on you how do you keep your faith and your values strong?

Running a business is hard trying to balance school work, all the organizations I’m involved in on campus, my own business, and having the nerve to try to squeeze time for a lil boy toy is nearly impossible.

I read my devotional “Jesus Calling” every single morning. It sets my day off right reading God’s word and relating it back to my current situation.

You are not only a true boss, but a great dancer, for women who want to explore their inner confidence what advice would you give?

To reach your inner confidence it takes prayer first. You need to look at yourself in mirror and talk to yourself and speak in existence “I love you. You are beautiful. You are more than enough. Wipe them tears girl and boss up.Shake it off.

Also find what makes you feel good maybe its writing, playing sports, singing, painting, I don’t know whatever your outlet is find it and throw yourself in it

Why can other girls lean on you ?

Other girls can lean on me because we are one in the same. Girl I’ve been there! That’s why I feel like I’ve been so insecure my whole life and God put me through all the trials and tribulations was for this moment in time right here.

I want girls to lean on me as I lean on you. We need each other, desperately, and the day we all get on one accord is the day we become unstoppable.

What is the legacy you wish to leave with the Good Girl Movement?

Ugh Mion good question. You’ve always been so good at this stuff lol okay I’m focused...

I was just hoping a few girls would feel me and I was going to keep it pushing, but now it’s gotten to the point of having Good Girl ambassadors at other universities and other Good Girl writers joining the team.

I want us to be that reminder. I want us to be the black girls safe-haven. No judgement zone. We got you girl, you always good over here.

To keep up with everything Brooklyne is doing follow her and the Good Girl Movement on Instagram.



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