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5 Ways Your Overthinking Leads To An Emotional Downfall in Dating

Hey you ! Yeah you. You're probably either daydreaming about your goals or your future, or dwelling on the past. You're not alone many people find themselves overthinking about situations or circumstances they can't control. But overcoming it can be a life changing skill. The last thing you want to do when dating is overthink about the person your talking to or the relationship that you guys have. Being cautious is appropriate when first interacting with someone. But overthinking, your future with someone can give you false hope or them not meeting your expectations.

Here are a few ways overthinking, specifically during the dating phase can be harmful to your potential love life.

Loss of Control

When your deep in your thoughts, analyzing everything can be common. Overthinking makes you drift further into your negative thoughts. You eventually think so much that you begin to lose a hold on reality and begin to worry about the past or future.

Not Enjoying The Moment

Overthinking can ruin or soil the movement. Have you ever been in really good place or mindset and start overthinking. Not enjoying the moment because you're thinking about something negative, isn't helpful. Enjoy the little moments of happiness you have.

Your Energy is Being Wasted

In the same time that you're using to overthink, you could be using it to be productive. Use that same energy to put into manifesting things you want in your life. For as long as you think about the problem the longer the problems will go on.

Overthinking is a Building Block

Once you started imagining what can go wrong about something in your life you'll start a chain of bad thoughts. This chain of bad thoughts will create a depressing mood.

Losing Sight of What's Important

Overthinking sometimes can bring about a tremendous emotional toll. This can cloud your perspective on life. Your view of things can be skewed especially if you have a bad out look on a potential partner it can affect your dating life.

How To Stop Over Thinking:

If your over thinking about the past...

Overthinking about the past can be harmful. It can lead you to think about blaming yourself or others for unfortunate things that have happened to you. Often, you can over analyze a situation in the past. But, you know you can't go back in time and change anything. If you need to journal the lessons learned and try to move forward. When dating someone knew you don't want to bring your emotional baggage into the equation. Remember in algebra a negative(-) X positive(+)= a negative(-). Meaning you don't want to self sabotage, if your bringing your negative baggage into a new positive relationship, something negative is bound to happen.

If your over thinking about the future...

If you are worried about your next career move, living accommodation, or partnership, remember to take it one day at a time. Worrying won't make anything your feeling anxious about come true, it will only stress you out more. Let the perfect or close to perfect guy or girl come to you. Let your energy and your personality be enough to attract the type of partner you desire.

In an article on Psychology Today called "6 Tips To Stop Overthinking" the author says, "Challenge your thoughts ...learn to recognize and replace thinking errors before they work you into a complete frenzy."

When you feel yourself begin to overthink, try to challenge those thoughts or busy yourself with something more positive. Don't let overthinking hinder your summer.

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