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6 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

Dream Big

There are so many dreams, wants, and desires in this world. But that’s, all it is just a dream. Until you do something about it to make it come to life. Dreams aren't about being closed minded, or being too realistic. Something that may seem impossible, could very well be the adventure or experience you need to enhance your life. Manifesting greatness in your life starts with a dream. Imagine your dream and hold onto it. Only share your dream with people, you are comfortable with. Not everyone, has your best interest at heart. From my personal life London, England was a dream of mine I thought

Write It Down

This a critical step in creating the kind of life you want to have. Dictate your dream. Writing out exactly what you want and what your expectations are can be helpful. Writing your dreams down can help guide you and keep on track. Knowing exactly what you want is important, because you want it to be specific. Being specific will help you target it, so that you can achieve it. You can use images or words to express your dream. Writing your dreams down can foster commitment to your dream. In an article from by Hanna Braime says, “Writing things down gives you space to think big and aim high. No matter what’s going on in our outside world, when we write things down, we enter a world of possibility.” Once you enter this world of possibility it allows your creative juices to flow.

Research and Plan

Now, is the step where you go out there and get your hands dirty. This is the stage where you make your goals based on researching what you can do to make your dream come true. Researching, is your most powerful tool. Whether, its emailing that recruiter, contact, alumna, mogul or business savvy person you know. In other words, don’t wait to start your blog, apply for that program, scholarship, grant, trip, etc. You will never know what the possibilities are unless you reach out or research the ways to reach your dream. You need to plan out how you are going to get to your end goal. Use your resources and go for it! Having support groups, friends, family, co workers, church family, and peers from an organization. Having a support system of people who are willing to help you fulfil your goals is so important. Beware of the energy that you currently have around you. Access if the people around are more negative influences rather than positive.

Accept the Setbacks, and Deal With Them Directly

On your way to achieving your dream, they’re will be pitfalls and set backs. But that does not mean you give up. Your dream may change slightly, but that’s okay, make it work in your favor. Setbacks show you the kind of person that you are. Either you are going to give up in the face adversity, or push through even if you are unsure of the outcome. One of my favorite quotes is “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”. Reacting to setbacks is exactly that. React in a productive manner instead of regressive manner.

Stay Persistent

Your dreams can be hard to obtain, but it can be achieved. Stay on top of everything and stay organized. Organization will help keep any contacts, emails, or keep your vision on track. You may want to give up, but don’t. See everything through, so that you can execute your vision or plan.


Watch your dream come true!


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