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Mind of Man: Dating as a Millennial Ft. Douglas Gardner

Questions on the dating/ talking stage:

What examples of a healthy relationships have you seen in your lifetime?

1. My immediate example of a healthy relationship is my parents. They've been together for over thirty years and they're still going strong. Another would be my grandparents on both my father and my mother's sides who've each been together around 60 years.

Do guys still court woman? Meaning, do guys still try to talk to women in public to get to know them better?

2. Yes, well at least for me. I'm more of the get to know you first kind of person. I need to know if we have a similar vibe. And I don't really prefer texting, face-to-face conversations tell all.

What does the name dating/ talking stage mean to you?

3. To me the talking stage is really the basic stage of learning about one another. The dating stage is still the getting to know each other stage, but it's past the basic questions. At this point I feel both know they are heavily interested in one another and are looking to delve deeper into each other's personal lives.

Is chivalry dead? Or is it dependent upon the women?

4. If you're trying to get an outstanding Black Woman that's on her P's and Q's then you should completely understand that chivalry is not dead. But I do believe that respect goes both ways and that a woman should try to treat her man with a similar level of respect that he gives her.

When it comes to being honest while dating, is it better to let someone know upfront your intentions?

5. Yes, being upfront I think is important. You don't want to waste each other's time if y'all have different reasons for getting involved with one another.

Do guys like when girls approach them or do you prefer the traditional way of a man approaching a woman?

6. I think the traditional way of a man approaching a woman is the appropriate method, but that's just how I was raised. However, I don't think it's the only method and I don't think us guys really mind women approaching us. "Get it how you live"

What do you think are millennials #1 dating mistake? How can it be fixed?

7. Probably not taking the time to understand each other outside the realm of sex. I feel millennials move to fast and are only really interested in one thing. So after some time passes y'all begin to realize that there isn't much cohesiveness in the relationship.

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