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Open Up, It's Ok to Be Vulnerable

Dating as a college student can often be stressful. Often, times we spend the majority of the time scoping out who we find attractive and if we start talking to that person on a regular basis, growing feelings is only natural. However, there have been a lot of occasions where this period of “talking” is just one person trying to impress the other. It should actually be the opposite. The talking period is supposed to be a period where you get to know someone for who they truly are. Like an onion layer by layer, information about yourself and the other person should be shared. The way we communicate is different now that we have social media. This change has crept its way into dating where on Instagram we choose the best filters and angles, and when we go out with someone, we show them our best self, instead of who we really are. The real problem is vulnerability, the ability to truly open yourself to someone without fear of judgment or rejection, even just a little bit. This is the dating/ talking stage so you do not have to reveal everything, but reveal yourself in dosages. Here are some things to remember when you are trying to be more open and vulnerable.

1.Don't Worry About Seeming Weak

Nobody wants to get played or hurt, so do not reveal anything too deep about yourself, until you are sure that this person is trustworthy. Always watch their actions, and if it matches up with their words.

2. Game Mindset

Some men and women view dating as a game, which also hinders them for seeing the reality of the situation. The reality is that you both are human and at this stage are trying to know if this person is the right fit for you, or ultimately is not going anywhere

3. Be Comfortable With Who You Are

You must be completely honest with yourself. Being able to be comfortable with your morals, values and self worth you will be able to pick and choose what type of people you want to date. Also, knowing about yourself and who you are exudes confidence and it will make you want to be open and show your personality. If you do have lower self esteem, taking time for yourself is important so, you wont get hurt being vulnerable.

4. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The purpose of dating is so you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Dating can often be uncomfortable people you are dealing with someone you do not know. However, view going on dates as an experience, don’t automatically think your going to find your soul mate. Go with your expectations being just to have a good time. Always remember people will be okay with what ever you display or give to them.

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