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The lesson I wanted the girls to learn was how to find the queen in them, and learning to love who they are for what they are. I know these girls are on the right track to knowing what it means to love themselves. I was lucky and fortunate enough to do a giveaway. While there we did icebreakers, the girls talked about why they love themselves and I gave this young lady two tickets to the Universal Soul Circus. Get this, her birthday was the day of the circus ! Originally, my mom and I were suppose to go but instead of getting a refund we decided to raffle it off, I hope she enjoys. God works in mysterious ways!Thank you Ms.Carolyn for letting me speak with your wonderful group of girls at Camp Possibiliteas. They were so cute full of life and sassy reminded a lot of myself. Can't wait to go back! Always remember, we cannot teach people anything we can only help them discover it within themselves. It was a little disheartening to hear the girls say didn't like their hair or skin color on a piece of paper at the beginning of the session. I too suffered from low self esteem at their age. However at the end of the session I made them rip up these insecurities. And read out loud the compliments they wrote about themselves in their paper mirrors, so that they could start saying it to themselves every morning.

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