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1st Cruise Trip: Wardrobe Essentials For Your Next Destination

This past week was so exciting and rejuvenating. I went on my first cruise and it was amazing! I set sail with Carnival Cruise Fantasy. The day before the cruise I moved out of my dorm at Hampton University and me and my mother drove three hours to my home in Washington DC. My family and I woke up extremely early to catch our flight was at 5:00 am the next morning so, we arrived at the airport around 4:00 am and arrived in Miami around 8:00 am.

Boarding the Cruise and Everything Else in Between

Boarding the cruise was a smooth process we went through a series of check ins and security, it had an airport feel to it. It being my first time going on a cruise I just assumed I would flash my boarding pass and board the boat. The boat had about 10 decks or floors. Our rooms weren’t ready until 1:30 pm and we got on the boat around 11:00 am, so we ate on the ledo deck to past the time. The Ledo deck is the part of the boat with the pool, Jacuzzis, bars, food buffets. So basically it’s the part of the boat where you get in the most trouble. Once we ate my cousins and I did not feel cute at all, because we were up this whole time still in airport gear, the usual sweats and workout apparel. So as soon as 1:30 pm hit we went back to the room and changed beat our faces and enjoyed ourselves at the pool.

Overall the trip was a great one. I enjoyed the fun in the sun. I also enjoyed the boat at night, they had comedy shows, and club like parties for people over 18. The only excursion we partook in was going to one of the local beaches in Mexico. We wanted to swim with the dolphins but that was close to $200, and unless the dolphin was going to sing me happy birthday and come home with me, we weren’t willing to pay for that. Miami was filled with a lot of fun with the beach and a culinary tour which I highly recommend. Our tour guide was amazing and we really experienced through food and a few history lessons the rich culture deep with in Miami specifically South Beach.

My Fashion Tips for Vacations

1. Straw hats are a must-have

During the trip I had two straw hats one black and one tan one. To add a little flavor to my look , I would take a regular and tie it around the hat depending on what type of look I had that day.

2. Bring out your small cute clutches and side bags

Since I am a college student I tend to carry a larger purse with me all the time. While, on vacation I was able to give some love to my smaller purses, which was really great. Adding a small clutch or purse to your outfit can add a pop of color to your outfit.

3. Anything can be a beach cover up

When I say anything I really do mean anything. What often makes the beach cover ups are long to medium length kimonos, jumpers, lace or mesh cover ups also make a statement as well.

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