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3 Tips To Successfully Thrift Shop

Thrift store shopping has increased in popularity over recent years. The thrift store is like digging in a time capsule filled with antiques, drapes, and garments from different generations. There are mixed feelings when it comes to thrift store. Some consumers are more excited to dive in and immediately start searching for unique and vintage items. However, other consumers, feel a since anxiety when it comes to thrift store shopping. From my experience with thrift store shopping you have to take your time and always be alert. For my readers, who are anxious about thrift store shopping here are few tips while trying to make another man's trash your treasure.

1. Be Open Minded

When your going to the thrift store it is hard to plan a specific item. Be open minded when it comes to going to the thrift store. Look for patterns, designs, colors and aesthetics that you find interesting. You may be going through a rack and you pick up something that seems interesting, but then you see that it should have just stayed in its decade. But that is fine it is all about, searching and trying to find something that is unique and different from your normal attire. The thrift store is also helpful with finding trendy clothing that compliments what you might already have in your closet. Sometimes, there is backlash thrift shoppers get, that it is“ a waste of time”, or “its weird to buy someone else’s clothes”. The perfect response to that will be to ignore the response. Let your beautiful yet inexpensive outfit do the talking for itself.

2. Know Your Budget

This step is easy. When you go to the thrift store you can bring $50, and leave with a whole new wardrobe. Most thrift stores do not focus on how much it would be if you were to buy it online. For instance, lets say you pick up a Tommy Hilfiger A-line dress. Now, you know this dress if you were to buy it regularly would ring up to be $50. However, at the thrift store it would most likely be $12, not including when they have 20-50% off sales on the holidays.

3. You Have Options

When choosing which thrift store to go to you can base it off of your area, reviews online. Now, you do not have to settle for just the Value Village or your neighborhood thrift store. They now have thrift stores that cater to the desires of young adults. For example, Plato’s closet and Buffalo Exchange focus on top-name brand, trendy, clean and in good condition clothing.

Thrift stores are becoming more popular and taken advantage of because of the cost and the cute items they sale. There is a new movement upon thrift stores are no longer for frugal grandmothers, its is for individuals who love a good bargain. In a TIME article by Brad Tuttle called “The Thrift Store: Not Just for Penny-Pinching Grandmas Anymore”, he states that according to the National Association of Resale Professionals, the number of resale stores—thrift stores, as well as consignment shops and other retailers selling second merchandise—increased 7% in each of the past two years. Popularity of thrift stores are continuing to grow, however with these tips you are sure to discover a fabulous find at your nearest thrift store.

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