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Are You Wasting Your Time Waist Training?

Recently , on social media there has been a significant rise in socialites, beauty gurus , and fitness buffs wearing waist trainers , waist clinchers , waist shapers or waist erasers. The spike in the advertisement for waist trainers has significantly gone up. The phenomenon surrounding waist trainers has created so much attention that if you search #waisttraining on Instagram you will see 630k+ posts. Many people are asking the same questions. Does it work ? And more importantly Is it safe ? It is starting to seem like the vast majority of women want there waist to be "snatched " and have an hour glass figure by using waist trainers .

Is it effective ?

In an article in New & Views written by Amanda Macmillan she quotes, Caroline Apovian, M.D., professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and a spokesperson for The Obesity Society. Apovian says that waist trainers only serves to give "temporary results". She goes on to say wearing a waist trainer is effective as a confidence booster. Once a woman puts one she can imagine herself with an tighter more hour glass like physique , and will encourage that women to diet and exercise. However , Apovian says , "But as for the claims that these devices can actually reshape the body or trigger fat loss, there’s no evidence. “In my opinion, that is complete nonsense".

What are the risks ?

There are risks to wearing this corset like garment . If a waist trainer is too tight it can cause discomfort and interfere with breathing and eventually cause heart burn. Also with it being very tight "your stomach might get pushed up beyond the diaphragm " says Apovian. Simply put, if your going to waist train make sure you have the right size and is not to small that you feel uncomfortable.

To waist train ? or Not to waist train ?

Waist training is a booming business . In an article in the Wall Street Journal by Pria Anand , gives insight about the spike in the selling of waist trainers. "Sales of waist trainers on the retail website jumped to $8.1 million last year from $4.7 million in 2013, says Ruben Soto, founder and chief executive of the website. One cause for this increase in consumers is because of celebrities promoting this product. A lot of women want to feel comfortable in the sling their in but the best way to get abs that is safe according to most physicians and nutritionists is dieting and doing core exercises to define the stomach muscles .

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