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The Difference Between "Riding for Someone" and Being a "Doormat"

Love is something we can all agree makes us feel and act in crazy unexplainable ways , however sacrificing the love for yourself, over another person can prevent your personal growth. Thus, not loving and appreciating yourself can leave you feeling hurt and broken. Love is something hard to describe, yet easy to express. There are five love languages, these love languages are the main ways people feel or show love. We feel love through touch, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and words of affirmation. Therefore, in this generation it is easier to explain love by measuring it in terms of sacrifices you have made or things you have done to to be with your partner. You will find that the reasons why you have loved certain people is based on what you have provided for them and how they show their appreciation for what you have gave them.

In a relationship most people who say that they are in love often describe it as giving all of themself to another person. They give their body, their mind and their soul. They expect the same back in return from their partner. But what is the person to do when their partner does not want the same ? A relationship is based on an understanding of two people, and once a person in the relationship no longer has the same understanding as you then problems arise. In a relationship for women there is a blurred line between riding for someone (being loyal) and letting someone mistreat you or being a doormat.

As women , we feel like riding for our man means dealing with any and every situation they throw at us , especially if we know that they are a broken soul. Women are nurturing in nature so we often try to fix and build up our partner and take pride in it, especially if us helping them appears to be "bettering them". The minute our partner feels otherwise we feel like it's our job to fix their mindset and make them remember all that we have done for them. We try and make them remember the sacrifices we made to be with them. When we know wholeheartedly there is not any possible way to change someone else's own views , values , or mindset. Another reason their is confusion is because , women feel that if we are loyal and ride with our man to the wheels fall off that they are going to stay with us , but that is not guranteed. There is no manuscript on "How to Keep a Man", because every relationship is different. However,if you let a man mistreat you then you will surely "Lose Yourself".

If your partner is mistreating , cheating or disrespecting you in any type of way , you deserve better. We try to fix our partner and mend them. Meanwhile all that is happening is women neglecting and forgetting about ourselves. "Women will know 101 ways to please their man but know about 10 ways to stay happy for herself."-Kira J. You can stay loyal to someone and love them to the end of the world, but as soon as you allow them to disrespect you, you are allowing that person to walk all over you and therefore are becoming their doormat. You can help yourself by letting go of that person. Females do not want men that they can walk all over and disrespect. Why? because no women wants a weak man. Believe it or not a man does not want a women who he can walk all over either. Declaring to let go and do what ever is necessary to give yourself peace can be the best option for happiness.

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