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Sugar, Spice, and Drinks for Half The Price !

My First Weekend in London: A Sweet Adventure


To start off this eventful weekend of exploring London. Myself and few of the other interns set our eyes on a bar in Surrey Quays that had great drinks for cheap prices. The environment of the bar was cozy and rustic looking. A pitcher size of regular rail drinks was around £6-£7.

We left the bar got on the tube and rode to a club called Fabric, which had three levels, was very modern and they played house and techno music. The three floors were huge. It was a very spacious club they had smoke machines green and red neon lights.


Being that I am an avid thrift store shopper, I decided to check out East End Thrift Store.


 I got great finds, I found a rosy pink close-fitting dress, nude suede skirt, a green and black fringe jacket. 

Employees are helpful and friendly


*The trick about these finds that they were on the side of the store that is partnered with ASOS.

Meaning they were not traditional thrift store prices. The prices for the ASOS partnered side ranges from £10-£30.

*The side where the actual sales are has about 7-8 long racks filled with clothes. The rest of the clothes are in huge bins that you need all your arm strength to have to dig through to find something you like it, if you do indeed find something.

After leaving the thrift store a desserts and pastries store caught my eye, on my my way back to the train station. Sweet World, decor alone drew me in.
It has really distinctly lighting that added to the urban and modern design. 

But enough about what it looked like, the milkshake I got was delicious! I go "The Cookie" a cookie dough milkshake, with milk chocolate sauce , cookie crumble, whipped creme for ‎£7.45.

Anyone who loves sweets or just wants to satisfy a sweet tooth this place is for you.

Later that day , the interns had a meet-up with drinks at The Castle Bar at Farringdon Station. Their cheese burgers, fish and chips, and chicken caesar salad, were amazing and all came in pretty large portions.


One of my friends from the group of interns had an extra ticket for the Young MA concert that was held at the Royal Festival Hall. The concert space was very modern, and intimate. I enjoyed the concert and Young MA gave a great performance. Her visuals were creative and she had a hype stage presence. Ouuuuuuuu! (if your a fan you know !)


I relaxed this day and re-uped on groceries from the local Tesco.

Can't wait to what the next week has in store!

 Summer is the perfect time to show off your most bold and colorful looks. In this look I paired a peach silk wide leg pants from Fashion Nova, with a embroidered and embellished top I bought from the thrift store. The clear hells are from BooHoo.

Tips for Wearing Bright Color Pants.

1. Have the right undergarments

Be sure to wear darker undergarments to prevent from seeing your underline.

2.Pair your statement pants with a neutral top or add a top that correlates

Having a top that is neutral will let your pants shine all on their own. However, adding another bold top you can create a color blocking look.

Glits and Glam

UK Culture, Food, Fashion and everything in between


I arrived to London this week and I am super stoked to explore all I can of this amazing city.


The main transportation in London is the London Tube which is their underground and overground train station. The train station and the bus come every 5-10mins which is great!  

So far, I have gone on a river cruise by the London Bridge and got on the London Eye, the largest ferris wheel in the world.


 Which gave great views of the city and was able to learn a little bit of the history.


Yesterday, while getting familiar with my new city. I met up with a friend from HU. We were in the Kings Cross area, where we found a small, intimate, modern, Mexican spot and a rooftop bar.

Burrito Cafe was delicious, I got the chicken quesadillas, with pico de gallo, sour cream, and corn. It was fresh and they gave a nice serving with tortilla chips. 

The Big Chill House was laid-back, colorful , and inviting,be sure to taste the The Big Tea Party or Zero #ucks.


The rooftop is very well-lit and has a dreamy environment at night. Their greenery is that it also adds to the calmness of the rooftop.


I have not gone shopping just yet, but I will soon. However, everyone including the kids, men and women in London can all dress. Their style choices are impeccable. There are a lot of different silhouettes, patterns, and colors.

Look out for more updates. Follow me on Snapchat and Instagram @mionsade to see more pictures from London.

Get The London Look Part 1

How to Wear Bright Colors in the Winter

Add some color to your life.

A dilemma in a lot of my reader's life is not being able to add some color to their wardrobe.My advice to them would be to take baby steps. Instead of wearing a head to toe outfit in black, pair it with a colorful scarf or jacket. 

Details on this look:

 Blush Bodysuit: Forever 21

Colorful Blazer: Thrift Store

Black Disco Pants: American Apparel

Black Knee high boots: Urban OG

Mion Turns 21

An Eye Opener

Tuning 21 usually signifies a night of truly being a legal adult, which is usually followed by a night of going out and celebrating at a bar, which did happen. However, turning 21 meant a lot more than any other birthday to me. This year I can truly say that I know what my energy does for other people . I have learned, my genuine kind spirit makes others feel good about themselves and in return they want to do wonderful things for me. 

If you truly want to make someones 21st birthday special like mine was here's a few tips o how to make there 21st or any birthday special.

  • Throw them a surprise party (you can never go wrong with gathering their friends to celebrate them)

  • Write on a card "21" reasons why you love or appreciate them

  • Make them a "Favorite Things Basket" fill it with all the things they love (candy,gift car, lotions, scents, etc."

Outfit Details:

Taupe Jacket: Fashion Nova

Tan Jacket with fur collar: Iman Collection

Black body suit: American Apparel

Denim skirt: Pacsun

Leopard skin shoes: Charlotte Russe

FurTastic Winter

Time to Bring out the Furs.

This week I had an amazing time at the Sterling Women Networking Luncheon. Hearing the women speak on their experiences and how to advance in our fields while supporting one another. The keynote speaker, Hampton University Alumna, and Fox 5 news anchor Allison Seymour was so relatable and genuine with her impactful words thank you! Can't wait for the next event. 

I am modeling on of the furs from Sheyla's Luxury Boutique Truck. I paired it with a navy blue silk shirt from TJ Maxx and high waisted tan pants from Forever 21. To complete the look I added some black knee high boots from Urban OG.

New Years EveLook

What a Time To Be Alive

Hi Everyone ! Your favorite fashionista is here to tell you about my New Years Eve look. This New Years fashion trends included bold sequin dresses and faux fur and any color of your choice. In this look I paired a classic leather jacket from Forever 21, with a blush pink faux fur scarf from Forever 21, denim shredded skirt from Forever 21, and black leather shoes from Fashion Nova.

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