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Beyonce's Album Lemonade Is Breaking Barriers

The Queen Bee herself Beyonce's highly anticipated visual album premiered yesterday on HBO, and Beyonce did not disappoint. This album had certainly made some powerful imagery and since it being released less than 24 hours ago has the beehive and everyone else buzzing and talking about it. I broke this album down in its three major impacts it had on her fans.

Boosts the Confidence of Every Women Who Has Ever Been Hurt

The healing process after a break up or a relationship fail can be a long traumatic and confusing process. In relationships, it's a disappointment when you defend someone for so long thinking they are different and then they turn out to be like everyone said they were. Beyonce's album is an anthem for every part of the cycle of pain you go through. It depicts vividly the pain you can feel when someone you love has betrayed you and the commitment you had with each other. If you have ever been hurt by a boyfriend, husband or father this album is for you. It unwinds and untangles the secrets and the lies men hide from their families and lovers. Beyonce has truly opened up her life and herself to the world in a new way. She has emerged as a vulnerable yet strong person, who has experienced pain however, not letting that defeat her or deteriorate what her self worth is. Beyonce's act of sharing this not so glamorous part of her life should be recognized as a brave act, considering she is in the public eye. Women watching this can find comfort in knowing they are not the only ones who goes through trials.

The Vision and the Message Was Clear

Beyoncé artistic vision for this visual album was set in the heart of Louisiana, where from the choice of music, outfits, and scenery showed Beyonce's Creole and southern charm. All of the videos had a powerful message and that message was clear. As a women, if you are hurt you can be as mad as you want and as sad as you want, but in the end you must find peace within yourself to heal.

Beyonce's Music Impacts the Masses

Beyoncé has reached a level in which her music empowers others. Yes, there are artist who make powerful songs and lyrics that hit close to home and represent different communities, which is important. But it is equally important that when you have the platform that Beyoncé has to speak on she truly makes a difference. With this album, she has empowered a lot of young, middle-aged, older men and women's lives, through sharing her struggles and overcoming obstacles.Our society is driven by pop culture and an occurring joke that kept appearing on social media was a meme saying " If Jay Z can cheated on Beyoncé, there's no hope for anyone". Even though this is joke, the message is clear Beyoncé and Jay Z are human. Relationships are not perfect, but if both partners are willing to work at it and respect each other it can be a beautiful and harmonious .

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